To my dearest best friend,

Happy 25th!

Luckily today is public holiday and you have legit reasons to spend it with your love ones~ hehe.

Thank you for being my friend, my alternative crazy partner.

I do miss our fun times together in work and school, how we are such a great team together in completing LAME assignments.
Miss those crazy times and sadly, we have to grow up.

Although we have our own priorities now, and meeting up would be hard to comply, but I still do keep you in my mind here and then.

I'm super glad that you have Gerald now. Well, he isn't exactly prince charming (neither is Jonathan), but certainly he is the person who eventually melt your ice isn't it?

I'm happy that you're happy. 

Here's to more crazy times and riding roller coaster till our boobs sags.

Happy Birthday my dearest friend. 


30 more days

Today is the 11th month that we've been together.

I am amazed how time flies.

How quickly everything evolves.

I used to dread every day. Thinking what am doing with all these random people in my life.

And now, my life has a purpose.

All the evil deeds he had done in the past, I believe in giving chances.

The man, standing before me, the man, who sleep by my side every day, the man who kisses me in the morning, before work and when he came home, most importantly, the man who love me.

I have never imagined to be love. After all the things that happened in the past 23 years, I thought that I have really no hope in getting valued by someone.

And here I am, in the arms of a little man, who have gave me so much strength, he who complete me.

Looking around my room, there are traces of him. Towels, shirts, pants, shavers, the cards that we played, the Wii game that he set up, our shared mug, our incomplete puzzle, his pillow, our blanket....

He is part of my life now, part of my family now. These 11 months, I have used 8 months to integrate him into my life, 8 months to know who is truly is.

I realised I really love him. And at this point of time, at the age of 24, I want to spend my life with him.

I love you baby. Ok?



Time really flies. Soon it is gonna be March.

I realised, happy times are always spent the fastest. These have been the happiest 5 months of my life. I am very very grateful.

I was watching Beauty and the Beast today on my phone. And I am falling in love with it all over again. Best still, I could totally relate to it.

Well, I am not saying that I am Belle, the beauty. But I picture myself as her. A normal girl who every deems as abnormal. And the Beast, well, my boyfriend isn't that huge enough to be a beast. But I believe every man has a secret that he doesn't want to show his woman.

These 5 months were sort of like a 'knowing' phase for me and Jon. I am glad that certain things happened that strengthened our trust and love.

Jon is someone that I've never imagined I would met.

He met me at my lowest. When I was at the brink of giving up hope for love. Initially, I wasn't carrying too much hope when I was dating him. Then, his actions and words touched me. Gave me assurance and hence, I caved in.

He will send me to work if he can.
He will put me as priority.
He cares.
He bothers.
He cooks for me.
He did a lot...

I never never imagined that I will celebrate Valentine's Day. And yes, this year I did. I finally fucking did.

He is awesome. We are awesome. Many more moments to spend together. He will be my first and last man. (:

Our first date at Chinese Garden on Mid-Autumn Festival 2013

 Usual midnight chatting spot around my block

First JB Trip together

 First Movie date

First ECP Sun-date

 Brought  him to my favourite Starbucks store

First bowling session at Marina when he showed me his school bowling captain skills.

First Wedding dinner together

First time I introduced him to my family officially during Mom's birthday in December.

Our corner in my room.

He asked the balloon artist to make this flower for me during New Year's Eve.

Spending New Year's Eve.

Birdpark date

Celebrating Chinese New Year together

Celebrate his birthday on the 13th Feb 

The 26th old man

Our first Valentine together 

He managed to get free Singapore Flyer tickets

Happy 5th Month <3 nbsp="" p="">


He who loves me.

Today, 6/1/14 is the first day that we didn't meet each other ever since we met each other in September 2013.

Since we live near to each other, we will make an effort to meet everyday! 

Today, he work from 7am to 6pm OT & I work from 9am to 11:30pm OT. 
As he have morning shift again tomorrow which needed him to wake up at 5am, it is impossible for us to meet today.

We decided that if I managed to end work earlier, we would meet at Teh Tarik for supper at probably 10pm+. Alas, I work till ungodly hour, 11:30pm. I can't ask my man to sleep for only 4 hours right? 

Me, being a sad puss and all. Was super super sad that I didn't get my daily dose of love. I did call & text him that I was home safe & he was all drowsy on the phone already.

But then, I received a call from him, wanting to Facetime me. (⌒▽⌒) 

I don't mind! It was such a pleasant surprise hehe. 

Was asking him why don't sleep & he said because he knows I would want to see him. Technology rocks sometimes. 

This shows that he loves me, right?

Last time, it is always I'm the one who will do such things to the man I love. There is no reciprocation. It is really a blessing to meet Jon, & I truly truly will treasure this man.

I love you, J! ^^ 


Saturdate at the bird park :)

So,  the man will have free entry to the bird park & so, we went there today since it is his off day! 

Had brunch at Hilltop restaurant. The salmon don was not bad :) You certainly need a car to get to that place. Man, I didn't know Jurong hill was so high! Haha. 

& so it was feeding time at 2:30pm. The man was so excited on feeding the birds but he didn't expect that the feed is actually MEALWORMS. So, he is terrified & I was the one feeding instead. 
I've got training in Science Centre before & I see & touch mealworms everyday. Hahahaha. 



It's 2014, I think it is time I shall do a photolog & update my blog diligently. Hehe. 

Upgraded my bed headstand :)

Finally took photo with Mr Teng days before he fly to UK for his studies. Life sure has its way around huh. After so much trauma from 2008-2010, we are great buddies now :) 

Welcomed a little one to the Maternal family. Baby Leonidas. He looks like he is about to sneeze. Haha! Can't imagine in a few months time, my house is gonna have an infant wailing soon. (T_T)

Count down to 2014 with the man & his colleagues at his hotel :) 
Woke up to a scrumptious brunch prepared by his momma. Hehe.

Decided to eat clean for the first working day of 2014.

Hi handsome. :) 

Idiotic face.


Did my nails lazily..... Haha. 

Well that's it!